if you ask me, and no one did

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He said all that to make NBC re-edit the interview where he's not taken out of context and made to sound like a lunatic... and that he's still not released his full tape would seem to indicate maybe NBC is seeing it his way.

Just a guess.

This horse shit about Sandy Hook is unbearable. There is a veritable mountain of evidence it did not happen. People scream about it being insensitive to the families. It can't be. Nobody lost a kid at Sandy Hook. Any reasonable person who cared enough to endure that mountain piling up would know this.

But there's the rub. Too many reasonable people didn't even bother.

A bunch of really good people, fine Americans, did the research and made that mountain. Not nut cases. Not liars. Just very concerned citizens... telling the truth. STILL not good enough.

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