i'm pretty sure we all want to listen to this

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Because the subjects they touch on are mostly our thing.


I don't know about you, but, despite some of it feeling a bit off, I was stoked to hear him insisting that there's no beginning or end, and that everything is conscious, self-aware, every atom, every quark. There was a lot of good stuff in there, and found myself wishing it could have been a straight lecture without interruptions from our friendly bozos.

And... there might be some basis there to consider how my two sphinxes problem may have arisen... how we might be bumping timelines to keep certain people in business...?

He's too hot for math, and seems to think it's God's way of talking to us. It's our way of talking to ourselves, and sometimes we hit pay dirt, but mostly it just keeps us in lala-land.


It also led me to listen to a Judy Wood interview I'd never heard before. It was quite thorough, and she got to mention some facts we haven't heard before. The static field being intersected with a certain frequency radio wave thing... the clarification of the Hutchinson Effect, as we've come to call it.

She says Hurricane Erin created the static effect, but won't specify how it could have been downplayed or not mentioned before the event or what would allow a hurricane to arrive, provide the right field and then toddle off so obediently. So I'm trying on not believing the hurricane part fully because there was so much evidence that this was a scheduled event.

Or maybe I just don't know the full extent of the static field around a hurricane, because I do know we can make hurricanes... and earthquakes... and how do I really know with how much precision they can make them and control them?

Lighthouse talks about some sort of astounding laser interference, or is that the static field part that might better explain it than the hurricane? And I'm looking at the toasted cars map to see if I can figure out what might've been beamed from where.

It just seems to me there would be little-to-no problem creating the static field with correctly aimed ionospheric heating — HAARP — and the right amplitude radio waves look like they'd have to have come from a boat or boats... or possibly cell towers... or maybe this laser he's talking about from a very high altitude aircraft, because I don't think it has to be radio waves, just interference at the right amplitude.

It led me to a really wacky clip about "the ball" and how some guy posits ALL the video imposed stock plane images over it to fool us that planes slammed into the buildings. And Dr. Wood, rightly, insists planes couldn't have done that to those buildings, but I still think the static field effect awaiting its devastating interference could have softened everything in its field such that apparent buildings were really more like sticks of butter stood up on their ends.

Or the interference was taking much longer than they thought it would, and it was only partly in effect when the planes hit. It might've been a lesson to them to calibrate things more carefully for all we know.

Dr. Wood mentions that the section of Tower 1 that remained standing, where the people in the stairwell survived, was about 8 stories tall because WTC 6 was 8 stories tall, which indicates to me she thinks the interference was coming from WTC 7, or there abouts... but she insists, against reason, that WTC 7 "went away" like the towers did, when it quite visibly did no such thing. It seems to have gotten the immediate rust problem so many of the cars did, but at least it was clearly "pulled" [in classic demolition parlance] just as perhaps THE least-discussed perp said it was.

And I'm not sure how the cars could have been toasted from WTC 7 either.

Boats, though....

She says she thinks the hole punch in the Pentagon was the same gig, too, and that did not resemble this weapon at all. Still, she's the only one of all the people who know something fishy was going on to actually handle it like an adult American. She sued the liars for fraud and she took it as far as it could go, meaning that the Supremes did not deign to rule on it, and the Appeals Court flat out ruled that they know it's the law but they're purposely ignoring that law to deny her appeal.

There are some who think she published that book as a sort of report for the perps, and the lawsuit was a test to make sure no legal retribution would be attempted on them, and these side issues that don't track with her exactitude on the WTC, except #7, are just about muddying up what she'd just made clear. Whatever. Whatever.


Then this all makes me start thinking about the unbelievably stupid grid system for our electricity. It could be both offensive weaponry against cities, and a defensive one against them being targeted by the other countries who are perfectly aware of this private physics and might want to use it in case of need. I mean, yes, it might blow out everyone's electrical panels, but a certain well-timed surge or blackout could really thwart the intended damage of this weapon, and would require centralized control for both fast implementation and to keep the knowledge of it away from the public.

Yes, I'm theorizing, here, because it's a holiday weekend and I need something beside the hateful shit in my life to think about for a while, but all this, personal or public shit, is lower priority than the Zen, and the Zen lessons come from every direction these days.

pipe up any time....