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How many times have we "killed" each terrorist leader we ever identified? I lost count. Every time we kill one of them over again, they act like he never died before, like this time is the victory of victories over evil. Nice of Lavrov to mention there's "no one-hundred-percent" confirmation.

Refreshing. Honest. Human. Humane.

And then there's the matter of a gravely ill young woman complaining to Putin about the medical care in her town, and getting some maybe extremely too late serious help.
Young female cancer patient rushed to hospital after video complaint to Putin

MURMANSK, June 16. /TASS/. A young woman suffering from cancer in Apatity, in the Murmansk Region, who complained about her health problems and poor quality of medical services in her hometown in a video message to President Vladimir Putin during his annual Q&A session on June 15 was admitted to an intensive care ward last night. The chief doctor at the Kirovsk-Apatity district hospital, Yuri Shiryaiev, told the media urgent measures were being taken to stabilize the patient’s condition. After that Darya Starikova was brought to the regional hospital in Murmansk.

"After intensive care measures the woman was airlifted to a Murmansk hospital. Her condition is stable," Shiryayev said.
The doctor remained mum on the patient’s condition and didn’t go into the details of the treatment, because he explained that the Investigative Committee had launched a criminal case on the matter.

Murmansk Regional Governor Marina Kovtun told the woman’s relatives that from Murmansk Darya would be transferred to one of the best hospitals for further treatment.

In her video address to the president, Darya Starikova asked the head of state to do something about the inaccessibility of medical services to local residents. Darya’s illness - stage-four cancer - was misdiagnosed for a long time as osteochondrosis, which she had been undergoing treatment for. The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case over substandard medical treatment.
But she was able to bring a problem like we have in a million places here to the attention of the president and he didn't let any grass grow under his feet.

Yeah, yeah, good PR, but I hope you note there may be criminal charges for this badly botched standard of care... no leaving it to bereaved and beleaguered families to endure all the bullshit to pry damages out of insurance company lawyers.

I mean, truly, you can make all these elaborate systems to get health care available to people all over your country, but the only way you can make them function such that too many people are not badly damaged or dead from incompetence and budgetary crunches of even the most basic necessities in favor of pay for administration is to goddam make that action criminal, and prosecute it.

The doctor who nearly killed me last year left practice at the local clinic in December. I don't know if it had anything to do with his nearly having killed me. Probably not, but maybe. I mean, I think it was only an egregious typo and I didn't catch it on my prescription label... just took the damn pill every morning to avoid slipping into zombie land, but slid serenely into it none the less.

Had to cut the rest of my trip off and come back home. Too wiped to deal. A couple days later, just on the point of calling the ER to see if they'd come get me — worried I couldn't even drive by that time — I reached for the prescription bottle to be able to tell them my meds over the phone and THEN was when I saw he'd cut my thyroid hormone in half.

So I just quickly took another one and dug around in my drawers full of extras from unfinished old prescriptions and upped my own dosage as per what had been agreed when he made the typo to begin with. I started feeling better almost immediately, but it took months to get something like my normal level of geriatric decrepitude back.

And I'M the lucky one. Even when my brains are leaching out of my pores from lack of thyroid hormone, I know that doctors here are mostly educated to whip out prescription pads and know fuck-all about diet... or refuse to acknowledge the toxicity of most foods at restaurants and supermarkets... or just never convince most people anyway, so just seriously never bother.

Here it is usual that you have no hope of a satisfactory amount of time to make yourself clear to your doctor, and your doctor is obviously having trouble paying attention because his/her mind is still on all the bureaucratic details from the last patient until just about the time you are shuffled out the door with a bunch of stuff on your list unaddressed, even if you'd managed to get it said.

This easily could have happened to Darya here.


And the state would only do something about it if the doctor had already killed a few patients, and then only because his/her insurers made a hairy deal out of it, sick of paying out wrongful death judgments.

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