it's heading back toward 90º now

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But it's been weird out there.

I finally just licked up a little pile of aspirin and changed my blather playlist from the denizens of Out There to Joe Rogan and Tom Papa episodes and zonked until about 1:30pm... so... semi-long nap, followed by temperature mindfucks over coffee and forecast arguing with itself in new ways with each update, but continuing to tell me the temperature will drop like a stone any minute as it's rising back from dropping like a stone.

I got all ornate about it. I read the meteorologists' discussion of this state of affairs. It said everything anyone could think of to say, except what appears to be actually happening or even what's in the updated forecast.

JT's thing about coherence and clarity being our only hope to end up beings human is, as ever, being ignored by those who could put that action to the best use for mankind, and, though I've been quiet about it, something deep inside me is still screaming for him not to be dead... like, with just the right english on it, that scream could make him reappear.

pipe up any time....