let's frighten boomers witless

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I am glad they are looking at this stuff, though, because I think my father's bypass surgery may have contributed to his eventual demise. It seemed to me that he was having semi-frequent TIAs after that, and at some point the aggregate of tiny dead areas in his brain would have begun making themselves known in his walking around life. Something did. Maybe just "natural" [for us] aging gave him Parkinson's and related dementia, but might've been bits dislodging from his quadruple bypass getting clogged in his brain.

I'm only really bringing this up because I think it's time we started trying stem cell injections instead of surgeries. They can take stem cells from your skin and grow them in petri dishes and inject them into sites on your body and produce a complete cure. I think Joe Rogan's shoulder was from fetal stem cells, but they can do your own now, too.

Think of it! Instead of spine surgery for your bulging and decrepit discs, they could pump your bad discs with stem cells and they'd grow your discs back to health and youthful efficiency. Maybe studying this stuff will convince them to make a bigger deal out of that?

Or are surgeries becoming like cancer treatments?

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