no, no, this is a good thing

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Let the UFO nuts spiral out into the whackosphere on this and the probably not a mummy and some of them making boatloads of cash on programming geared to excite these people, keep them busy. Think of all the money they can make with a Patreon campaign for someone determined to make all this twaddle force government disclosure, like that ever would happen if it were real... which it isn't... not most of it... and whatever of it might be is nothing over which serfs are allowed to bother our unwashed heads.

I know, I know, we've seen shit that doesn't add up, but there are black technologies we don't know about, real and holographic... and, not completely unbelievably, maybe even some real space aliens.

I have never understood the mania about this, and any time I ask, it's just some trumped up explanation about learning new technologies from them, finding out for sure we can traverse the stars in our limited lifespans, and sometimes people admit it's just fun to think about, entertaining.


Stupid term. Perfect for tv, and expensive conferences with circuses and book sales booths and the chance to chat with people you see on whatever sort of screen you gaze into or hear on whatever mp3 player you use.

Some of them are darn smart and great fun to talk with. Some of them are darn smart and off their rockers. Some of them are just hucksters who discovered they could use open mindedness to cultivate some truly wild and popular cash cows. Every kind... even some whose fields of expertise lend some credence to what they get up and talk about.

Except. When you dig down into that expertise for the basis, you find it is total speculation based on tantalizingly-thin actual utterances or phrases in citations from experts long dead, and oceans of hearsay from abductees and codger military guys who had high clearances. In other words, almost bubkes. I do NOT care how many people you go out and interview and compile in a book. I do not care how vividly you paint your picture of a breakaway civilization or think you've demonstrated the existence of an invisible budget full of missing trillions paying for a secret space program.

It doesn't matter. We, ourselves, are space alien enough to last for the rest of time.

We don't like secrets. They infantilize adult humans, or seek to, and we can't figure out any other way, so we dig and we dig and we dig in our own minds and in archived documents for fragments of things that make sense of nonsense. We can't help it. It's repugnant, and not just to Americans. To adult earthlings.

We are built for dominance hierarchies that are based on pure merit, not fake ones imposed by superior attitudes and mountains of real information locked in vaults with armed guards... rendering us about as powerful as toddlers. You gotta be working with the truth, the real to fulfill your role here and no one of merit is keeping it from you.

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