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New possibilities for his fervently-wished dénouement for our species.

There's a bunch of guys out there who insist we have to do better with this problem than the dinosaurs, but that is so of itself and we do have technology far more capable than the public gets to know about, so I think they're freaking out over nothing.

I think that about the threat of nukes plants melting down in power outages, too. Might be a bad scenario for life on the planet if a big one gets us, adding spectacular insult to spectacular injury, but... well... this is all the stuff of population management... keeping us witless with worry and fear.

Or rubbing our hands together over the prospect of a quick end.

I think it's horse shit... because psychopaths, while evil and devoid of human love, are extremely intelligent about winning their games, and they can't win if they ruin this planet. We're all expendable as fuck, or the vast majority of us, but their deathless will to win won't go gently into that good night.

Yes. They could fuck up. They're so uncreative and vicious it doesn't leave us perfectly safe from all extinction level events, but I'm 99.99% sure they can turn nuke plants to milk and honey factories and bump asteroids out of their orbits at will. Even if they wanted to brag about this to us, which they don't, they wouldn't, because just making it official would cause them to lose at least half their earthly power.

We think we're just an insignificant dot in the cosmos, and that is the truth, but our planet is still almost completely unknowable to the vast majority of us. We think traveling a lot cures that, or studying a lot, or keeping up with all the news. We so rarely realize we are conditioned not to see reality, even when we are walking around in it, and that every single bit of information coming to us through any medium save our own deepest awareness can be, and increasingly is, pure fiction.

It serves psychopaths to design that fiction to keep us too weak to ruin their fun.

That one fact means it is true.

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