dreaming about my friends again

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Long, uncomfortable ones.

I keep moving Trish and Scott's house to this one anonymous geographical location and changing the floor plan. This time I was house sitting for them... or so I thought... but people kept showing up... roommates... and then Scott and then Trish and then their daughter, Ellie... and then there's a veritable cacophony of SJW kids milling everywhere while I'm totally losing my patience with one of the roommates who WILL NOT SHUT UP ABOUT ORMUS [only he was a lesbian in the dream].

Scott had come up to me shirtless to goof on my irk and I leaned over and gave him a hickey about six inches above his belly button before continuing dealing with my vexation with the ormus freak. I'm scooping up about half a cup of it and eating it and trying to ask how much of this shit would be proper for me to consume to assuage her relentless pontificating. Ellie comes up and leans in toward me grinning, like don't be silly nines.

I became frustrated in my inability to be effectual in this mess and woke up to stop it. Maybe it will happen in meatspace next.

pipe up any time....