i know it's late

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But I just saw it. If it's over when you see it, it was an all day fund drive for John Anthony West, who, according to reports, has beaten stage 4 cancer, just turned 85 last week, and is now being weaned off the respirator he'd needed from a bad case of pneumonia he suffered when his immune system was compromised by cancer.

This is good for me because I've felt pretty much like I've been bludgeoned by a bag of rocks the past couple days. Weak, tired, sore, arthritic, old, festering, yadda, yadda, yadda, so it could be worse.

This latest push for funds is about bringing JAW home... and that sounds more like he needs to go home to die, but maybe it's just my state of perceived decrepitude making me hear that way.

Dozing and incorporating words on podcasts into my dreaming again... cyber humans turning into dream ones... confused to find myself here.

pipe up any time....