i'll just come right out and say it

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North Korea is in the business of selling its strategic significance to the highest bidder. The United States won the last bidding war and now there's the THAAD horse shit in South Korea. Every time Dennis Rodman goes to North Korea, it is for passing messages and payoffs... and no president of the United States has had any say so on this since JFK.

The weakness in this "victory" is that when shit starts coming down, there's every reason to suspect that Japan and South Korea will both move to Russia/China alliances... and the Philippines — Why do you think there's suddenly ISIS in the Philippines? Hmmm? — and most of all the other places wherein the psychopaths' missile "defense" systems reside.

In a way, every little country bidding to get NATO bases to keep them safe from the big bad bear is only draining more resources from the psychopaths' bottomless store of cash, but extremely paltry cache of good will.

A lot is riding on the fact that Russia is huge, with a shrinking military age demographic, but China can send gobs of manpower to every corner of the globe and still be over-populated. Every third world country on earth likes them better than us, and at least half of the first world countries do too.

This could all be in accord with Hillary's bit about un-Balkanizing the hemispheres, to move to a two [hemisphere] state solution, so to speak, if you think Putin is really backed by the psychopaths and not the Eastern Orthodox Church, but if that is true, all I can say is the guys in charge of the eastern hemisphere are radically more subtle than those in the western one... with way more manpower and either better or as good black tech to deploy if they are attacked.

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