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Throughout history opposition to the psychopaths has always been co-opted, and where there isn't enough of it, they start their own. It always ends up controlled, no matter how it starts. The faithful leaders are killed or bought off, but they are rare because they usually become addicted to the celebrity and cease effective action in favor of ever more glorious self-illustration they only call "activism".

Be all that as it may, Soros' Open Society constellation of NGOs has this down to a science and can deploy experts anywhere on the globe to get 'er done... and it's particularly easy now because everyone, everywhere is completely disgusted with the way things are going.

That's part of why I'm so hot for Jordan Peterson... because he teaches people the way out of this quicksand... teaches people to get along well in the system and to do it truthfully, to be unwilling to compromise for things like vanity and meal tickets and identity politics. He teaches people how to become and act in the world as adults.

THAT beats the psychopaths.


For posterity: Typical of psychopaths to foil non-rioting, constructive talk while fanning the flames in the streets, no? Yes.

pipe up any time....