the power of the internet

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Listen carefully. Live streaming strangled. Independent journalists stalked and beat up and, evidently still confused about the motives of this antagonism and aggression.

Those aren't "anti-fascists". Those are fascists in control of the opposition, which isn't opposition at all, except to the real opposition.


You're all caught up in your opinions and your sides and your social media presence and your need to DO something. They understand you better than you understand yourself. They can make anything they want happen because they have limitless funds to buy moles, provocateurs, expert planners with mystical funds to make things like all the farmers in a country get their tractors to the capitol, or drive their herds down boulevards... herds of cattle, young, testosterone-addled principled idiots who are thrilled to be "part of the solution".


TELL me you understand.

The power of the internet is NOT ours.

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