i don't know what this guy's smoking

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Or if he's juiced on the power of positive thinking, or if he's just plain right, and how would I know? How many hours of digging down to primary sources would it take to nail that down?

I listened to Donnie's speech tonight... not yet hating to hear his voice... and may never since he is at least a sucky politician, even if his speech was a by-the-numbers politician pile of horse poo. I don't see how this is not Nosbaracktu's policy being continued, despite the changed rhetoric... because, of course, if we go in and "win" [whatever that is] there's going to be a power vacuum.

Maybe they've identified all Taliban outposts and can just use those 4000 extra men to go help drone them to mist... and that would mean ISIS gets Afghanistan on the promise of Sharia Law if they keep their hands off our poppies.

Or even this could be fair notice to the tribal leaders to get their shit together to get their country back from both the U.S. and our convenient Islamist maniacs.

Who can tell?

pipe up any time....