i was out having a snit fit about a barking dog

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When the smoke-addled fog dimmed for almost a minute... and my neighbors were driving up, disgusted that they hadn't been able to get above it to see the sun. They had the special glasses and everything, even though they knew the totality was up too far north to see much.

I didn't say, "Well, ya goddam daffodils, what did you expect?" Nossir. I commiserated with them. Plus, the other neighbors, the ones who take turns having heart attacks, came over to report that their daughter's cancer is worsening and she's about burnt to a crisp from radiation, and that yet another neighbor, the girlfriend of the woman who forfeited a foot so she didn't have to quit sugar, has maybe another day before she's dead of cancer she never did anything about.

If I were not such a goddam pansy I'd have a shotgun to deal with that dog and its owner, but instead I just play the pleasing scene over in my head. I have NEVER thought dog owners who let their pets bark on and on and on and on are even human. People all giddy to meet aliens? Look for the fuckers who let their dogs keep barking and blow their greenish cone heads off.

Do I sound a little negative today?

pipe up any time....