i'm sorry

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I don't think China will put up with it if this is so.


Someone thinks I'm being too oblique again. I mean all this sturm und drang between North Korea and the United States only serves psychopaths' interests... the global control thing. It is not the least convenient for China. That they have not just annexed North Korea like they do every other place they want has only been about economic interests connected to the psychopaths' multifarious economic engines.

If they're actually anxious about the THAAD shit moved into South Korea, boom, no more North Korea and very quickly no more South Korea either. Puh-leeze. Quit jumping through your own asshole to try to make your bits of mental conditioning fit with a world view that somehow explains the observables. You gotta drop everything the psychopaths have told you in order to see what they are actually doing.

Rodman goes over to pay Fatso and play around like it's only a circus act.


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