we call it "deep state" now

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But it was "deep politics" after it was "secret government" and "shadow government". Danny Sheehan was the first one to make it plain to me, back in the 80s, but there were great minds and great researchers onto it even before then. This really is part of my irk with Janeway and Fussbudget, both acting as though they have uncovered this stuff themselves, using every minute in the public eye to stump for their business interests above all... while vociferously insisting on citing sources as they go about reframing work done by giants before them to suit the Ancient Aliens and Secret Space Program types.

Whatever. The existence of the psychopaths and the indications of their workings are completely exposed by people of spectacular merit and oceanic spirit... no matter what the public has been trained to think of them. It's up to each of us to decide for ourselves which side we're on, whether we suffer for the truth or for the lie.

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