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More appropriate than our shit being there by parsecs.


Quoth Victoria Nuland, "Fuck the EU," and "Biden's willing," which was all so transparent in the rush to overthrow Ukraine... and so when they reported that Ukraine was getting rocket plans to North Korea, I thought, and still think, it was part of the neocon plan to "need" "defense" systems in Korea too.

I don't know if the NYT broke the story or immediately came out with an explanation that made it sound like still Russia-friendly Eastern Ukraine instead of US-controlled Western Ukraine... but look who they were talking to about the whole thing... so. Mox nix.

And, despite any spin to make it seem Russian, Russia has utterly NO need to get North Korea nuclear capable and every reason not to want that — and neither does China — and those psychopathological fucks in DC are not fooling anyone with two brain cells to rub together.

Is PotCoin a CIA cutout?

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