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Just looked at the ArcGIS and I don't know when was the last update, but it doesn't look like the wetness fazed the Chetco Bar Monster that much, but the spotting may have been from before the thunderstorms and rain arrived... or the rain didn't get to the fires. I dunno. I'm wiped.

I didn't take a stop-freaking-out pill last night, so had a circus of death sleep and near wakening for some ten hours that finally stopped when my face swelled up so badly from eating poison chips last night that breathing was becoming a matter needing some "conscious" attention... and... fucking hell... it's going to take a minimum of a few hours to discern from any indications online if any of this wetness did any good except to inject the dreaded hope juice into my jumbled pulchritude.

And, of course, I was dreaming serious shit and it's GONE from the big rain surprise. No one thought it would come to anything more than dampness, like last night, but it's actual rain. Not very heavy, but still, definite rain.

The whole business might've added more in lightning than it subtracted with water.

How will I stand the wait?

pipe up any time....