labor remembrance day

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Some of you may recall I used to listen to a posturing West Virginian radio host every day because I was so pleased he was so pro-labor and so pro-constitution... admired his full-throated defenses of what I grew up thinking was the real America. I came to loathe the sound of his hillbilly Moe Howard attempts to sound authoritative when he was so obviously making excuses and concessions for the Democratic Party, and then came uncorked when I found out he was owned by a union boss who was actively trying to organize immigrant laborers since his union had been drained of members the unorganized laborers had put out of work.

They were singing the old songs that were definitely appropriate to the first 80 years of the 20th Century, but between Reagan and union bosses like this, no longer... and maybe never again.

And this has not Thing One to do with racism. It's all about loving my neighbors, and nothing to do with lack of compassion for immigrants. The people trying to suggest otherwise, calling people like me "fascist" or "racist" or "white nationalist" are the ones trying to speed full blown fascism in our country. If you are a loving being, you have to pull your head out of your social conditioning to realize this pretty soon, or it will get much worse.

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