no hotspots on arcgis just now

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Still partly cloudy and smokey out there,
Clouds persisted through much of the morning before sunny skies developed in the afternoon. This kept temperatures a few degrees cooler than yesterday and afternoon relative humidities slightly higher than yesterday. Winds were generally light over the fire area. The trend of cooler temperatures and higher humidities will continue into Sunday as more clouds will be moving into the region. The potential for some light rain will increase Sunday night into Monday with even cooler temperatures and higher humidities expected once again over the fire area. Scattered showers are also expected during the day on Monday. Another surge of deeper moisture will move over the area Tuesday for below normal temperatures, higher humidities, and widespread rain developing late Tuesday through Wednesday.
and rain is getting stretched out a couple days. If anything's left smoldering, the winds out of the east afterward will dry out the fuels, pump up the flames and we're back in business.

I don't know how to take it. That damn weather forecast is half the time on the money and the other half totally wrong. Might be who's staffed when, or might be chaotic influences unexpected or unaccounted for, but that dumb page just keeps putting off rain it has forecast until everyone is sure it didn't happen and then goes right on ahead doing what it does.


I just wanted to look to make sure the rain was getting to the fires.


pipe up any time....