the good news and the bad news

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The good news is I ran into a whole army truck load of young bucks who were grubby and smelled like wet smoke at the grocery store last night. That was serious fun.

The bad news is the rain didn't stop the fire. It's already jumped the fire break, AND sent a little present over the state line... even nearer than the leading edge of the main fire. It's being called "The Hole Fire" and it might already have been put out. Can't find the evidence yet, though.

The worst of it is the Hole is on Six Rivers National Forest land... and you know what THAT means.

Needing to get to town anyway. Maybe a stop at the station or buy a newspaper the old fashioned way.

I really do hate to be the kind who says I told you so, but I fucking well told you so.

pipe up any time....