they gave the map guy some meth

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And I wish they'd give me some because I'm no good at the image tools and beside being blind with outdated correction and smoke film over my eyeballs and drugstore cheaters, I have a tendency to see things on topo-maps that aren't there, or are but opposite of what my brain sees. Same prob with aerial photography. What points up into the sky looks like it is a depression in the earth, trees, buildings, craters, mountains, until I adjust my brain and get snappish with my rods and cones.

So THIS is a better representation of the actual scene than I made late last night. As far as I can tell, while giving that liar fire information woman the benefit of the doubt, that little inverted V of a firebreak she insisted was completed, really was not completed, but they did get the dozer line part done to the nearest dirt road and there are some unexplained icons for other measures in place there, so that puny defense seems to have been extended to block crown runs down the Winchuck drainage.


This has to be purely precautionary while they are nuking that perimeter, which is set to decimate that drainage, with chopper bucketloads of water. Has to be. If they are wanting to burn it, they deserve to be lined up and shot. Well, they deserve that anyway, but maybe the first run could be nonlethal and painful and the second extremely painful and eventually lethal.

This is me being hyperbolic, venting ire with colorful speech, as always. My actual wish is for them to just immediately and painlessly evaporate. Permanently.


By sometime late tonight, THIS LINK should fill up with composite images under the borders and shorelines template, so you can see what this mess looked like from 250m overhead. The one for yesterday is [conveniently?] missing the imagery for the entire west coast sector. I'm not happy about that.

And today the smoke is right down in my yard. So I am still suspicious of the fire perimeters posted online. They may be lagging behind a day or two. The other option is that I was made so paranoid by that seemingly instantaneous leap from not-threatening wildfire to out-of-control-conflagration-of-epic-proportions wildfire... and gaining in epictude rapidly.


Little point about my insisting they can knock these lightning fires out rapidly, the dozens of lightning fires started all across the top of California a couple weeks ago are gone on the east and mostly gone on the west, except where they were very close to the already crazy lightning complex fires. Boom.

Too much? Too many? They get snuffed immediately.

Let that sink in. Sure, some of them might well have fizzled by themselves, but not all those dozens of them. The conflagrations of recent years that the feds have preferred to let burn were MEANT to burn down hundreds of thousands of acres of National Forest. I wanna puke when I see people on Kym's blog cloyingly thanking our brave firefighters for their heroism.


Yes, the ones who do actually come in and fight fires ARE heroes, but the feds letting wildfires burn down to their planned firebreaks that frequently do not work deserve no such adulation. Like I say, they deserve to evaporate.


Today on NASA's MODIS imaging.

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