two hundred fewer firefighters today

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Maybe just trying to pack in a couple days of rest or maybe they think they've got it knocked now. They sure would not say that to us because they're not working on a good reputation here. I keep looking at, or for, the maps to see what is or is not going on, but it's only ever as close as can be semi-reasonably relied upon at the best of times.

Part of me wants to be compassionate. Not like it isn't barely controllable chaos out there and men getting so caught up in the here and now they're liable to stop thinking to report whatever... plus who knows how many dunderheads at usually not consequential posts not relaying crucial bits at all. Modern humans.

Anyway, my end of the fire is almost certainly not going to do anything florid for a few days, and everyone's freaking out about the hurricanes and the 8.1 in Mexico last night, and seem to be used to the PNW burning down. So I am going to try on not being maniacal about this for a while... try some backing and smoldering and creeping before I start flaring and crown running on you again.

I will alert you to any significant developments.


Branch VI: Continue preparing contingency lines to the south on private land in California.

Maintain current coordination with Curry County Sheriff regarding evacuation levels while the Oregon State Fire Marshal Tasks Force continue to complete structure evaluation and preparation.
Map useless.


Inside skinny from a retired firefighter is that the acreage is actually over 200,000 now, and while the rain was nice, it also fucked up some of the equipment operations, and so was a mixed bag for the overall prospects of stopping this puppy.

The lady who cuts my hair says her teen son will be available for evacuation duty, should the need arise.

pipe up any time....