yesterday was aggravating

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The pharmacy told me they could not get a new order for my strength of thyroid replacement until 23 October. That took a moment to sink in. But, but, I can't go that long... yes, well, we'll fax your doctor to change it to Armor for you, and maybe you should call to make sure he gets on it right away.

Better than that, I'll go in and tell them in person... because the percentage of successful telephone messages, ones that result in timely action is about one or two. I sat there for two hours... with my carton of cream too close to its expiration date in the car.

And when I got home I went to the website to see if there is any explanation for this outrage on the page. There is not. So I emailed them and told them what the pharmacy said, asked if that had been a true statement. Form response, telling me they'll get back to me soon.

Nobody got back to me yet and they're closed until Monday now.

I have to have the answer to this because, I swear, Walgreen's too often tells me something that turns out not to be the case, and I keep getting this feeling that their employees and their bullheaded computer are programmed to make up stories so they can get rid of you more quickly.

Even though there is a brand new mega-pharmacy that just opened not even a quarter mile away from them.


The upside of this turn of events was the ability to yammer away with my fellows at the clinic. The lady on my left was as uptight about it as I am... she's 55 and was having abnormal bleeding, so they gave her a prescription. It kept up. When she stopped taking it, it stopped. They wanted her to come in.

I'm going, oh, God, whenever there's postmenopausal bleeding, the first thing they do is give you estrogen. If that stops it, you're fine, if it does not, you're not... but she didn't talk like it had been estrogen they gave her. She could see I was about to lose my shit, and she said, "Don't worry. I'm done with this shit. I've also gotten an appointment in the morning with the gynecologist behind the hospital."

That helped me feel better, but I didn't get a chance to say so because they FINALLY called her in at that moment... over an hour late.

There was a Jehovah's Witness literature professor to my right, who also does some radio gig a few nights a week. We gotta just call him Motor Mouth. He's doing some sort of special reading of Fundamentalist Christian banned books later this month, and I do have to agree their list is utterly braindead book banning.

He went on about how Apocalypse Now was straight theft from Heart of Darkness and I'm telling him I think that was acknowledged at the time, but he reminded me that Harrison Ford was the one who gave Martin Sheen his orders to use extreme prejudice on Marlon Brando. Napalm smelling like victory. Fredrick Forrest's unspeakable demise. Dennis Hopper. How Motor Mouth was paralyzed in his seat for about a half hour after the movie was over.

We got that hashed out.

The librarian had been sitting between us, and never has there been a more librarian type librarian at any library ever, and she finally decided to reschedule her appointment. On her way out of the magnificent architectural wonder full of faux medical and dental professionals, she stopped to remind me not to miss the reading of banned books next week.

I was fuming that I would probably be back right where I was, creating a scene until everyone in the building charted both never to allow any other thyroid prescription than mine or allow patients to use a pharmacy that didn't keep it stocked in all strengths constantly. Mine's the one that works... and also costs a lot less than any of the other types, natural or synthetic.

I mean to say that I'm going to have to go more meatspace public with my demands for lucidity to hold the day.

pipe up any time....