even though i know what these are

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When I was in Oklahoma, I almost certainly would have thought it was off-gassing from the fracking quakes. You may recall, I was afraid the damn house was going to blow up any minute, as it was.

I'm native to earthquake country. I've been in some whoppers and never felt as uneasy as I did there. 25, 30, 50 and more little wigglers a day begins fairly quickly to fray one's nerves. I mean, even setting aside the usual momentary dread from the earth moving, the thought of all those pipes underground... the brown spots on lawns from natural gas pipe leaks... the fittings being loosened on everything big and dangerous this way... wondering even if the ancient wiring can take very much more of it before it snaps or starts crackling and burning down houses full of too many gas fumes.

So if I saw that, I'd've been thinking the lightning was burning up the fracking quake released gas... or maybe I'd have just remembered and checked that off my list of natural wonders experienced. I was in a state, but there was a core of lucid still in there, waiting to make my surroundings line up with sense.

pipe up any time....