guess what

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Have you ever been awakened by a sneezing fit? I was hoping it had only been a gnat flying up there or something. No. No. It's worse than that. Nuking myself with C and D and zinc lozenges and liquids. You know fucking well right it's the same old infantile dread of facing something horrible doing it.

If I go so far as to barf from hyperventilating in court, I am going to have to confess to the whole world my spectacular somaticization of every goddam thing that offends my spirit over the course of my spectacularly weird life.

You don't want that. TMI. Pray I get this kicked in the butt before morning. I do not have time for the full monte, and if I am not a full grown up by now, when can we expect true human adulthood to emerge?

This is the toddler who was forced into a stupid world but needing love too much to face it. She comes when something awful has to be done. Insists it does not, and if I don't listen, she makes me too sick to stand up until I give in and run away.

I may have to rent a wheelchair to kill her, but kill her I must, or I die.

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