he's NOT "a double murder suspect"

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And he's now a free man. I hope to heck the rumors about money in offshore accounts is true and that he moves somewhere he can have a peaceful old age and stop having to deal with this horse shit.

When I was living in Billy's mother's house next door to Dianne Feinstein's beach house, Old Uncle Dave had given me his old tv set so we could watch The X-Files together over the telephone. We took turns calling each other in commercial breaks, and for all that time that was mostly the entire use of that tv, except for one night when I was hoping a convict at San Quentin was going to get a last minute stay of execution, and the OJ trial.

I might never have been riveted by that trial if I had not seen the court give the cops a pass on their illegal search and seizure of "evidence" in the preliminary hearing. I'd been just certain the court would throw out everything from that raid, if not the entire case. When they didn't, my fate was sealed.

I didn't miss one minute of that trial, and it was the biggest circus in the history of American jurisprudence up to that time. There's been much more since, but at that time, it was the deep learning opportunity I needed.

My protestations that you can't arrest and try for murder anyone whose 4th Amendment rights had been ignored so utterly fell on deaf ears. I didn't know if he'd done it or not, but I grew up in a country where we cared more about the integrity of our constitution than whether a murderer got away with it.

So I watched every motherfucking appalling minute of that looong train wreck of a trial. Had it not been for Barry Scheck's impeccable work and brilliant summation, I might have withered to a husk from lethal disappointment or burst all my blood vessels from the heat of unremitting embarrassment.

So. Notwithstanding all the loud balderdash since, I believe the prosecution proved OJ didn't do it, and I believe Barry Scheck's dazzling clarity made sure the jury knew it.

I said at the time I was sure OJ did not do it, but felt pretty strongly that he knew who did. In the two decades intervening, I am certain he knows who did it, and ANY indication pointing to the culprits means death to not only him but everyone he loves.

I don't love him. I liked him until we saw he was pretty much of a piece of shit with his wife. That much was shown, but the rest of the prosecution's case convinced anyone honest that OJ didn't kill anyone... and that somebody whose existence we must never learn about did.

Then, of course, came the civil wrongful death suit... Ron's parents' way of "getting some closure" after the "gross miscarriage of justice" in criminal court. I think the judge who let them do that should have been thrown in jail.

So, now, The Juice has done his time for letting his temper get the better of him again, and I hope he just has an okay rest of his life somewhere peaceful without any more harassment from anyone.

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