i could be pardoned for thinking

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That all the weird solar activity is responsible for everyone going crazy down here. I try to console myself that Mars got the worst of it, but that's no help to me, not really, because I'm pretty convinced by now that most of you hail from Mars originally.

Just because it cannot be determined with certainty from whence in the cosmos I came, it really might be that I'm one of the very few whose origins are from Planet Earth. That could explain it maybe even better than my lifelong suspicion that my mother was abducted by aliens and inseminated through her ear — if you'd ever met her you too would insist she was a virgin — and this gave rise to my earthly existence.

But maybe I'm an Earthling whose real parents were being hunted down and my real mother swapped me out for my space alien mother's daughter in the hospital. This explains how I ended up in "my family" and how I'm this full of love despite them, or, seemingly the overwhelming majority of people on this planet.

Whatever. Whatever. Whatever.

We've all thought the world was as mad as it could possibly get for a long time, but it has ramped up by a factor of at least two, but more like three or four, in recent months... to the point where we can no longer look down our noses at conspiracy theories of even seriously loony aspect.

We ARE electrical beings, in an electrical universe, no matter where we're from, and the sun going all counter to everything the "experts" ever told us lately is probably THE explanation for it.

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