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That, having been born of alien implantation, Murphy adopted me at birth.

Highway 101, the life blood vessel of the North Coast, is closed to traffic in both the northern part of Santa Rosa and, roughly, between the place Highway 20 from Fort Bragg merges with 101 and where Highway 20 departs from 101 again on its way toward Lakeport.

Maybe UPS sends shit out of here by air. Probably not, but maybe. Some company signed a new contract for flights out of and into Crescent City again, but I did see something about two other companies bidding on the service... meaning, I don't know if that dumb airport is functioning right now. I only knew it was some forty years ago, but that was when there was also bus service to ANYWHERE anyone needed to go.

The good old days.

These are the evil new days.

What did I expect?


Yes, well...
This year a total of 6,744 fires have burned 731,260 acres in California
it's going to end up being more than that, and the fucking fire just over the border is nearly 200,000 acres all by itself.

Plus, the Redwood Complex, the one between my important papers and the court, is no joke either.

I've got Old Uncle Dave too near one of them, and my sweet brother-in-law, the one married to my psychopath sister, too near the other. And Agent BB2's favorite camping area is burning and all kinds of mayhem in the foothills of the bottom of the Cascade Range and top of the Sierra Nevada, too... INCLUDING the ONLY city to have seceded from the union... Rough and Ready.

This is just completely bonkers. It seems purposeful to me. It just seems too fucking purposeful. I don't know if it is, but it really feels that way to me... like maybe the psychopaths are trying to burn off evidence of the serious toxins they've been dumping on us.

And people are griping because some areas have lost cell service.

Some people aren't griping because their homes burned down. They're still too thankful they didn't burn down with them. I am trying hard not to gripe with unconscious insensitivity about the possible loss of my UPS Overnight delivery. It's heavy on my mind, but I understand that people's lives and homes are as important as mine... even the critters' lives and homes are as important as mine, and I don't mind screaming my fucking head off about THAT.


I just looked at UPS Tracking. It's a "Next Day Air Letter" and it's in Eureka right now. If the smoke doesn't mess things up, it should be flying out of Eureka and down to Lakeport any time now.

No notice of wildfire interfering posted there anyway. Delivery time still listed as "by noon". That crazy country style court Clerk's office closes at 1pm every day. They have a mail drop for filings until 5pm, but that might not get filed until the next day... and this is late enough as it is.

Whatever. The buddhas of the ten directions will have their way and I will learn from them.


No long distance on the landline. Everybody getting busy signals or recordings instead of the numbers they dialed. NOT just cell phones. Landlines. I can call locally, but not an operator or the phone company or nobody.

pipe up any time....