i was dreaming to this

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It was mostly in a rest home or boarding house or a hospital or a motel, and I was always preparing to give pointers to some fellow about a lecture he was going to give. Different women, very businesslike, kept showing up to drape a sort of cloth paper cutout with black measuring marks on me, keeping a strict schedule for an upcoming procedure of some sort. Come to think of it the kid looked like a very young Aleister Crowley.

I think what's happening is that when the stress ebbs a jot and some hope pops back in, I finally pack all my missing dreaming into the next time I close my eyes. This is seeming like a pattern I've noticed in recent months.

Anyway, there were moments when Gordon started saying something interesting and I would wake up to listen and then slide right back into the dreaming. I got a good idea about the hierarchy of buddhas and bodhisattvas from him.

pipe up any time....