one of the many places goldie drove me

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I have not mentioned her lately... but found myself gushing about her at the repair shop this morning, after the master mechanic told me my space age go-cart drives perfectly. He doesn't know from perfect driving cars, but he knows from charging me nearly $200 to put in four spark plugs. Then I came home to find one of the places Goldie Honda's game of driving us everywhere on dirt roads brought us.

I had a very dark realization last night and I can't shake it... like a siddhi or an actual one where I suddenly knew something about someone that I'm absolutely not supposed to know... but nobody I could tell would believe me, not even the people it could save. So I did my zombietude today as a chatty daffy old broad to keep myself upright to get things done.

Guess it worked well enough, but it took a codger at the hair salon telling me how beautiful I am to pull me half way back up to human today.

pipe up any time....