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It's the classical fight between ether [plasma] and vacuum... vacuum won, but it's wrong. That's it in a nutshell.

Definition of Ions

An ion is an electrically charged atom or group of atoms.

Ions in Photosynthesis

The light-dependent reactions

When light energy is absorbed by a chlorophyll molecule its electrons gain energy and move to higher energy levels in the molecule (photoexcitation). Sufficient energy ionises the molecule, with the electron being 'freed' leaving a positively charged chlorophyll ion. This is called photoionisation.

In whole chloroplasts each chlorophyll molecule is associated with an electron acceptor and an electron donor. These three molecules make up the core of a photosystem. Two electrons from a photoionised chlorophyll molecule are transferred to the electron acceptor. The positively charged chlorophyll ion then takes a pair of electrons from a neighbouring electron donor such as water.

Ions in Human Cells

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1991 was awarded jointly to Erwin Neher and Bert Sakmann "for their discoveries concerning the function of single ion channels in cells."

More Ions in Human Cells

Ion channels play an essential role in cellular homeostasis and signaling. The study of their function is crucial both for an understanding of intercellular communication and to develop drugs against a plethora of channel-induced diseases.

Current Ion Propulsion

Ion thrusters (based on a NASA design) are now being used to keep over 100 geosynchronous Earth orbit communication satellites in their desired locations, and three NSTAR ion thrusters that utilize Glenn-developed technology are enabling the Dawn spacecraft (launched in 2007) to travel deep into our solar system. Dawn is the first spacecraft to orbit two objects in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter: the protoplanets Vesta and Ceres.

Solar Wind is Ionic

The solar wind is a stream of charged particles released from the upper atmosphere of the Sun, called the corona. This plasma consists of mostly electrons, protons and alpha particles with thermal energies between 1.5 and 10 keV. Embedded within the solar-wind plasma is the interplanetary magnetic field. The solar wind varies in density, temperature and speed over time and over solar latitude and longitude. Its particles can escape the Sun's gravity because of their high energy resulting from the high temperature of the corona, which in turn is a result of the coronal magnetic field.


So, it is clear that atoms, of which everything is made, are composed of electrically charged particles and the balance between those charges is subject to change under certain conditions... which is what makes life happen... which is what makes EVERYTHING happen.

This is the sense of contemplating the relationship between mass and energy to begin with, but the stubbornness of science on the matter of how these interact together and react against each other -- electricity -- magnetism -- suffocates human advancement.

The failure to account for "missing matter" or "missing energy" by simply realizing that space is plasma is about not wanting to throw out the "vacuum of space" trope so fundamental to really dazzling, but wrong, astrophysics. It would make all the proponents of the currently fashionable malarky about gravity look like boobs.

FAR preferable to let them keep their "dignity" than to advance scientifically.

It's SO ludicrous that some of us suspect they are well aware of all this, but conduct a sort of "public physics" that is good enough for government work, while keeping a private one to themselves. If it's easy enough for lay people to grok, you might concede this suspicion isn't exactly paranoid... or if you insist that it is, that makes it seem quite more boobish to people who understand how matter is made of balanced electrical potential atoms and energy is made of those atoms losing or gaining, temporarily, atomic particles.

The disagreement comes, basically, on what is the correct understanding of gravity... whether it's electric or this grand opera of centrifugal or centripetal force. It does also hinge on a very ancient argument about whether space is ether [soup, plasma] or a vacuum. Current mainstream likes the math for the vacuum, but they have to hide all the evidence for the ether [soup, plasma] to do it. That's the discrepancy.

Further, the stubbornness of mainstream science about this is because it implies a universal consciousness, The G-word, and that must be avoided at all costs... because bliss ninnies would be dancing in the streets and simpletons might start running off to charlatans and ignoring the imperatives of psychopaths in their misguided pursuit of REALITY... of rest from the psychedelia of our world never ceasing to cause them such intense suffering.

Same as it ever was... same as it ever was... same as it ever was....

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