this bears a careful listen

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I am not going to take any position on it, except it was clear almost immediately that there was some serious fuckery playing out. I was ready to listen to the sheriff and take his word until he said it was one guy, a local, with a regular arsenal, dead, not identifying him, and they were putting out an APB on a 4'11" Asian lady who immediately showed up online as a casino industry executive. That's when I snapped off the live stream. Sunday night.

One man with a ludicrous number of lethal weapons in his room... who was already dead when SWAT blew open the door to find him in this condition. And I saw, as I've said, night of, a bunch of videos of the scene as it was coming down. The numbers they are reporting might account for everyone we saw in that crowd, yet there would certainly need to be plenty of dead and dying people in order not to have every first responder and ER staffer in the city freaking out about this.

Or would we ever know if they were? If they were direct witnesses and hearing the lies being put about, would they open their mouths? And even if they did, would that be able to get to enough people not to be muffled by the media blitz? Are guys like Sheldon Adelson scary enough in their own right to make these people want to stay mum?

I'm not going to break my brain on it. All I know is we are not getting the truth and if these people are right about the motive for it, and they very well might be, it's on us, all of us, to make it stop.


It should be made clear that there are many ways to destabilize a cat. Globalists' number one priority is to create instability wherever their march toward global control can be impeded, or where it just plain enhances their control. They're spread darn thin. Their vassals are defecting and their slaves didn't vote in their candidate.

The people need to be much more afraid, and all this talk of secession everywhere has to be put down. Their only weapons are mental conditioning, mindfucking, unremitting terror and actual armed suppression.

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