this image feels like my soul

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I was right about the Redwood Fire... the breeze at dawn. Huge lotsa smoke driving home. Just between Calpella and Willits, but it was pretty bad. Ever since, all I smell is glazed donuts. It's as though my nose just said, "Fuck it. Glazed donuts."

I mean, I've been all through this up here for months, developing all kinds of tricks for clearing my sinuses of the brown slime that was coating them... even resorting to pretending I wasn't breathing smoke. Finally, really not breathing smoke for a couple weeks and then today I got nailed... something like fifteen miles of freeway full of smoke and by the time I was at the north end of the new Willits bypass... glazed donuts.

There has never ever even been a glazed donut at my house since I've lived here.

pipe up any time....