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They do have medical grade probiotic preparations nowadays, and they should be given to patients liberally and covered by insurance. Might be the single best thing anyone can do about any health condition or mental deficit. No shit.

Especially with all the toxins in our food and water and air, it's the best possible way to optimize the body against all these insults. The easiest way I ever found to explain it is just to say that gut biota live very short lives, even when you have trillions of them in a very healthy colony, individually they are born and die very quickly. When the good biota die, they are absorbed as vitamins. When the bad ones die, they are absorbed as toxins.

Inflammation is no joke... and those toxins give you inflammation. Even if you don't look puffy or fat, your organs get inflamed and make you sick. Probiotics and as low as you can stand to go on the carbs and lab food... best way to optimize quality of life when yer old... or young.

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