people are arguing

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Over whether China can afford to abandon the petro dollar. Personally, I feel that as long as Russia is being forced to develop business partnerships elsewhere to counter the effects of the asinine sanctions and China, too, has been diversifying like mad to compensate for the plates of shit they keep being handed by the United States, that they will do fine with the rest of the world and all we have is weaponry to discourage it if the vaunted petro dollar is further weakened.

Looks also as though, despite friendly moves toward Russia, a coup has taken place in Saudi Arabia and they can expect full support from Israel and the United States. Lebanon and Iran will need Russia and China. So the psychopaths have not been idle. The wild card is Trump.

Does he want to pry Russia from China or syphon off some of their solidarity? Or is he trying to wrest peace out of the foaming maw of the globalist cabal? Is he making Netanyahu too giddy to think? Or is his son-in-law a traitor? Will anyone in Asia choose the West over Russia and China?

You think our bases there can keep them "on our side"? Or are they targets?

pipe up any time....