they called this pic "unflattering"

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They call ancient news "EXCLUSIVE"... and they absolutely never cease pumping out seriously consequential propaganda... on top of all their Hollywood tabloid trash... but people keep going there for a fast scan of the kind of news they might not get elsewhere in their bookmarks and feeds, even though that, too, will reliably be full of outright bullshit and unproven allegations and partisan horse shit. I'm one of them.

But it almost never feels okay... just reminds me of decay, of doom.

I'd been of a mind to remind everyone today that we have to be vigilant against the so-trite-it-is-ignored problem of jailing ourselves in "confirmation bias". Long ago I forced myself to bookmark sites whose content is unattractive to me... to make it a point to regularly visit and at least note what is there that might be closer to actual than somewhere less antagonistic to one sensibility or another.

Truth is everything, except a team sport, and decent people, and that would be most humans, ought never to forget that. The actual world does not change for the better when the humans who create it are not dealing with the actual. What you prefer to call it is in NO way better than what it IS.

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