honey, i'm home

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I tole you. Your favorite dying swan did NOT harm a living soul. Only swore at a couple of my fellow motorists... because they are murderous fuckheads. Still, I did not swear half so loudly as usual, nor did I do anything rash, and it occurred to me that the drill about "defensive driving" that was pounded into each of us in driver's ed has stopped being pounded into our youth. It's Road Warrior out there, baby, and so now we need to amend that sage instruction to "inoffensively-defensive driving" or one of those fuckheads will surely turn us into hamburger.

They're THAT heedless and maniacal.

I managed to get back before it was dark and so they got no chance to skewer my brain with their love of constant high beams. We have to learn to navigate in this or form some kind of Grey Ninja group and fix them. One or the other.

pipe up any time....