i need to point out

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That this all came into full flower under Nosbaracktu. Right, right, he was only following orders, but the orders he was following, the mechanisms he put in place thereby are still functioning, and to which he still openly subscribes — with or without the help of our current president — mostly without, as these mechanisms, or this machine, is being used to oppress him, keep his head on a chopping block — are still running the show.

I flat out do not like Ed Snowden. I admire him for his courage and audacity — and maybe will end up eventually having done the dispositive thing for all our sakes — but he's too damn sanctimonious and talks over our heads with his nerdy shit all the time and he's a damn bore. And doesn't seem to be seeing his great move for the real United States through to its wished-for conclusion. I tried my best to maintain optimism about Omidyar, but too quickly he dashed my hopes, and too quickly it was seen that Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras and Jeremy Scahill were flattered right up out of their morals and remain being paid handsomely for their inactivation.

And Matt Taibbi was the only one who figured it out in time, told them to pound sand, and is now being sanctioned for it.

Whereas, the eyelash batter and her crew are merely jealous they didn't get the promotion to well-paid sellouts.

I hold out the hope that copies we never new about were given to someone we will never know about who's making sure the material is making it out to people like Seth Rich and Michael Hastings and various of the WikiLeaks dead... because there ARE people like them, even though those heroes are gone. And let us all use their courage instead of being cowed by what happened to them.

It's not just for movies where people have that kind of courage.


Sorry I've had to edit this a bunch of times. Too many days without thyroid pills. I am almost positive they're coming today. If they don't, more and more brainos will need fixing long after I've posted what only my fingers think was expressing my thought fully. Sigh.


Naturally, my sacred meds were sent in time to get here before Christmas, but somehow Eureka broke down on Friday and Saturday and even Sunday... special working Sunday... and the mail from there was three hours late this morning... but they are at last in my hot little hands and I'm going to make sure the pharmacy has them on automatic refill from now on.

I know I have been whining about the lack of professionalism at rural medical clinic and corporate pharmacy, but the problem stems from the government screwing with natural thyroid producers, and almost certainly was talked into it by the psychopaths at Armor. Armor used to be the go-to natural thyroid producer until they reformulated their product to exclude all but T3 and T4 and to add in more toxic buffer... in other words to mirror what the radically ineffective and unhealthy synthetics provide.

The synthetics — $85 a month — are covered by insurance. Armor — $95 a month — is not. Nature-Throid — $28 a month — is not. And people were fleeing their Armor prescriptions in droves for the superior and vastly cheaper Nature-Throid... who was having to cut back shipments to smaller markets — like mine — and expand their operation to fill demand, when suddenly the usually torpid feds bestirred themselves, out of seemingly nowhere becoming quite anomalously righteously concerned about the sourcing of pig thyroid being used in natural replacement therapies. And not just in general, but also in each strength provided by each of the companies.

This is not supply and demand capitalism.

This is not free market capitalism.

This isn't even crony capitalism anymore.

This is fascism.

And it was put into full force and effect, and continually reenforced, by Democratic Party officials.

Republicans are NOT worse than Democrats. Take your head out of your ass.

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