probiotics against misery

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This is how the bad gut biota talk your brain into eating shit that makes them stronger, and why guzzling good gut biota gives you a break. Beside clearing your miserable sinuses, it actually beats back the little fuckers encouraging you to consume what makes them stronger and you weaker.

Even if you won't change your eating habits, adding in the good bugs to fight the fucker bugs will be a mercy on your brain and nerves and mood.

Check it out!

Pint of bugs blended into a pint of chocolate ice cream once a week... or if yer diabetic or pre-diabetic maybe you blend it with, say, cream or sour cream and chocolate and frozen blueberries or black cherries, just enough to take the edge off yer tangy-ass bugs milkshake.

If it's yer first time, take some aspirin first, because the dying bad gut biota will give you a monster headache... but do not let that stop you because those bugs are a huge percentage of why you ever get headaches at all... especially sinus headaches.

I'm telling you. Don't be an ox.

You will feel better and much less senile.

pipe up any time....