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And the denizens of Out There are hypothesizing full throttle... just like they did when Nosbaracktu wasn't acting right. At least The Donald — or should we now call him Our Donald? — has somewhat better street cred for such action.

I don't think so, kids, but that's the beauty of it. He might just be genius enough to pull it off.

The President and all his appointees certainly owe Julian everything, and if this were a sane world the bliss ninnies would finally be right, but... well... even though I am dirt positive there are insiders working hard to bring down the psychopaths, and that Julian can leave and re-enter the embassy whenever he wants... let's not get carried away.

Meanwhile, more pretty serious dirt is being dredged out of the DNC leak, but, again, regrettably, I recommend not reading The Intercept on this or any other matter, because they are NOT going to spin things truthfully even when maybe they are talking about real stuff.

I'm not saying Glenn and Jeremy knew what was happening to them when they took their highly paid and powerful and ego flattering jobs, but they probably know now... or have to work really hard to excuse it away 24/7/365... but I'm not forgetting that Matt Taibbi saw the handwriting on the wall early and did the right thing.

Bank on it, Matt's not forgetting the body count either. So, dears, he may or may not be helping Our Donald singlehandedly bring down the psychopaths by perpetuating the buffoon angle, just like Nosbaracktu was working hard behind the scenes to stop the slaughter he only seemed to be prosecuting, or The Donald is Our Donald and simply quite bigly less of an impediment to the resistance.

Whatever, dudes.

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