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This has always been a staunchly liberal website. Why are people calling that media "liberal" when even the truest old timer liberals are calling out their bullshit? Why are so many truest old timer liberals not sorry Killery got beaten when all these media outlets and survey companies told us she was going to win by a tsunami? Why's it mostly celebrities and idiot college kids kicking up the rest of the fuss?

And completely ignoring the slaughter that witch so avidly supports?

Could it be that the vast majority of Americans, liberal and conservative, outright wouldn't have that warmongering psychopath puppet pantsuit full of corruption anywhere near the White House again? I think that could be it.

Not that we came out with the prize, but if he does drain the swamp, we will forgive him every inanity for sure. We may look like a huge flock of sheep, but we didn't just fall off the turnip truck.

pipe up any time....