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And now I see a bunch of other people have said it, too, it's waaaaay worse than Watergate. I mean, no shit Sherlock, right? It's been that way a long time. I just want to know what's going to be DONE about it. Watergate was interminably long and dragged out. I remember feeling like boxing people's ears. Droning. Ponderous. But it eventually did work its way to a conclusion.

There are a lot of people in recent years saying that Watergate was Nixon being set up by the psychopaths... that the unbelievable "patriotism" of John Dean may not have been as patriotic as we all supposed at the time. Maybe I've lived through too much unbelievably corrupt stuff that NO ONE bothers about and am just expecting too much.

But I don't think I'm expecting too much. For all our striped toothpaste and shiny barbarism, there has to come a point where something akin to justice prevails, right? Right?

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