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This deregulation drive is not as horrific as it sounds, and there's a lot we can do to insure it turns out much less horrific than it sounds... like quit pretending any of those regulatory agencies were doing anything but buttering their own bread while visibly, notably, apocalyptically shirking. So while they may have helped with a few seriously very sacred cows where people had to work themselves into the nut house to prevail, that was for political advantage only and you are seeing just how dedicated they are to letting us be the ultimate victors in any fight for sanity.

So ease off the guy, will you? No matter how bad he is, your moronic displays of hatred are really, really, really bad for our country — for everyone's quality of life — at this pitch.

Remember? What about working on real problems close to home? What about that serious problem of none of our grocery stores having more than a three-day supply of food? That is suicide in every location. What about cleaning out corruption in local government and law enforcement? What about using leadership lessons to actually affect positively your environment and life?
In the United States each year, an average of more than 73,000 wildfires burn approximately 7 million acres of land. That number has been rising. To prevent wildfires, the US Forest Service performs controlled burns between fire seasons, when the land is wet enough that fires don't go out of control. Nationally, the Forest Service budget for controlled burns is 1 percent of the amount spent fighting wildfires.
And we've long since established that "fighting wildfires" is only what the forest service calls it. Fire tending. That's the best you can call it, and too much of that is being done remotely... sitting at a desk... so what actual percent of the USFS budget do you spoze actually makes a visible difference in pure happenstance? Hmmm?

Why don't I think they mean cable broadband there? Why does this seem to spell only more powerful microwaves everywhere? Am I just being old fashioned? Are you okay with drone bees and brain tumors? Like vaccines, they factor in the ratio of real costs to real and imaginary benefits, declare them acceptable, more real and imaginary benefit for more people, and your life is put at stake, marked as an acceptable loss, as not really a loss because of those too often imaginary and too often not big enough benefit for doing that to be okay. How do you suppose that ever gets fixed?

Hint: not by presidents.

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