mlk day 2018

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And the shit show is more ludicrous than we ever could have dreamed back then. Funny part is that when they started their rush to demonize Putin, one of the first things they brought up was that he was going to try to make Stalin seem like a good guy. Can't help myself. I hope that comparing Trump to Stalin is one of the last bits of horse shit they ever get to crank out. They've turned our country into a shit hole doing it.

If they hadn't decided to kill the three best incarnations of presidential material we had, none of this would be going on right now. It would've been eight years of JFK, eight years of RFK and eight years of MLK, the rotting corpses who killed them would have rotted in their caves with their stacks of gold, and we wouldn't have ever gotten to this part of just how far beyond the pale it gets when you let psychopaths corrupt or kill everyone in their way.

I spent some hours today listening to a bunch of videos put out by a bunch of serious Trump fans who all met on a Sub-Reddit. They are all the way down the rabbit hole on this Q Anon guy and reporting daily and even hourly on developments. I listened to everything they've put out since they started streaming on YouBube, and... and for all their flaws and my points of disagreement, I could not get over how nice they were to each other.

Respectful to each other, putting out the straight dope as best they could discern it and not getting obnoxious or putting on airs of self-importance, not virtue signaling, not using any showmanship, just real solidarity and good faith efforts. Exhibiting not one sign of the balderdash the progressive-fascists scream about conservatives without surcease. It was heartening. I remembered people doing stuff together like that when no party affiliation was ever even thought about between them... back when we had a world that grew heroes.

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