arctic blasts

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There was snow alongside the freeway bypass of Prairie Creek State Park, below a thousand feet, too, late this afternoon on my way home from my ongoing travails... and lavish birthday treatment from my dear, dear friends. So, well, my little me was almost blown over by a blast from the North Pole yesterday, and my car was covered with ice crystal patterns when I got to it this morning, and I'm going to try to savor tomorrow's warming before the next blast, and be glad I eked through the worst on either side of all that driving I've just done... again.

No, no, that drive is spectacularly beautiful, but it's hard to do this frequently. Yessir. I'm an official senior citizen now. And six hours is about my limit nowadays. I used to be able to drive for days on end with only breaks for peeing or food or gasoline.

Not anymore.

And NOT with so many pinheads on the roads either.

pipe up any time....