deflating space cadets

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Ostensibly, scalar field propulsion rids the contents of spacecraft of the lethal ionizing radiation present in space, but does it also provide the life and death qualities of gravity on our bodies? We just learned about the crucial part it plays in our physiology. Do we have that taken care of by use of Tesla Tech, too?

All the failures of plants in zero gravity they are engineering to act right or growing in containers to force them to grow like in a gravitational environment are not encouraging me on this point.

BUT, those vaunted missing trillions could account for all the needed advancements to accomplish all these "whistleblowers" from our sundry space fleets and their cockamamie missions, or gone to pay armies of protestors everywhere the psychopaths need to be able to push a button for destabilizing anything at any time, or the bulk of them can simply have been deleted to make the books look balanced enough to dummies.

WHERE is the real science?

And WHO tells the truth?

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