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The information war Hillary was bitching about losing was all in English. All the media outlets and putative Russian troll bots speak English. They aren't interested in opening up an AT for Russians because they'd have to put out a whole different set of lies to get any solidarity from that population.

And those would come back at them here... and in Europe and Canada and Australia.

The psychopaths are losing the information war because they are lying. The ones winning it are telling the truth. It's that simple. And even though our media and certain former diplomats now make money by spewing horse shit all over social media, they don't have the numbers behind them they'd like you to think.

All of the sane liberals left in the West are still insisting on the truth and none of us voted for Mrs. We-Came-We-Saw-He-Died either. We're maybe not thrilled with who we've got, but we're still thrilled he's not her, and we still can find people who have not sold out and joined the lie machine, who have the right — the true — information about what's what out there.

Yes, most of us are old. Never trust anyone under fifty. Just kidding. Sort of. But we did not just fall off the turnip truck and we can see this whole anti-Russia, anti-Putin thing for what it is, and it ain't good.

The psychopaths in control of our government, media and military are losing that control, losing the information wars, losing their hold on the minds of the people and if they start WWIII, it will NOT be as The Good Guys. It WILL be as The Bad Guys, and that is the death knell for their dream of world domination.

I don't know why RT brought this up, because there's already way more money than the government allocation at work on this shit, and has been for a long time. Unless someone's thrown a bunch of comets into the Open Society galaxy, they're still cranking out billions and Russia and anyone else who's been paying attention knows that.

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