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This morning the little fascist puppet is talking about giving people "new tools" to protect their privacy, like the ability to delete stuff. That's a joke. Google never deletes anything you do on any one of their platforms, even though, yes, you seem to have the ability to delete email, viewed or searched items on YouBube, etc, but they're only deleted from your view, not theirs... including every permutation of any email you are writing, not just what finally got sent.

TwitFace and Google are essentially the same Beast, and, yeah, we've been trying to have alternatives forever, but they don't elude the ability of anyone who may or may not wish you ill to have every scrap, or sell every scrap, either. Some experts, like Assange, Snowden, and Dotcom, insist it is possible to have an unhackable internet, but if we had that, then our masters and our manipulators could not interfere with us, scare us, use us, leave us trying to censor ourselves, or rig elections, or make zeroes appear or disappear in any bank account.

They would have to be sending physical humans to physically confiscate our maybe impervious anyway computers without back doors to get what they want out of us. That could get ugly for them very quickly. Not going to happen.

I do remember Kim Dotcom promising some time ago to introduce some new means of internetting without the spying features to contend with, but I've been expecting new hardware and software companies to be coming out with stuff impervious to the various assaults on our rights for more than a decade.

Zero. Zip. Nada. Bubkes.

It's for the same reason as never getting any satisfaction out of government officials, at any level. They will be bought away from such nonsense, and if they won't be bought, they will be humiliated out of whatever — bank accounts stripped — or killed.

Still, I heavily approve of this justice. Old Hugh managed to raise a decent son.

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