i'm behind the curve

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Dan Carlin may have abandoned his old Common Sense podcast, but he's added a new one called Hardcore History Addendum. Beside his peerless Hardcore History releases that seem to take centuries to pop up, and I listen to over and over and over and over, because I make sure to download them while they are still free, he's giving us some fill-in now and you probably don't want to miss it either.

I like listening to podcasts on PlayerFM the best because I can flip the order of the episodes and listen to series from first to last, but all Dan's podcasts are available from anywhere podcasts are posted, and after some months or a year or whatever, they are still available for a small amount of money... probably on Audible or iTunes or on his websites.

I think the utterly transcendental series on the Khans is behind the paywall now, but if yer not dirt broke, go buy it.

pipe up any time....